لا أحد يموت عذراء

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1,709 notes "i celebrate good energy. if your aura gives off light i’m automatically drawn to you. i can’t help but ‘feel’ for those who give me life." — overlyxclusive (via kushandwizdom)

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I’m going to sweden tomorrow with my bae and his family! I literally can’t wait!!!! Going to live in small cabins in a wood by a huge lake.. it’s going to be magical

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I miss traveling. I’ve been young at the time my family traveled with me most. I didn’t see the unique and beautiful in things, places and people. I was just a spoiled little brat, who wanted to go home because it was too hot. Thank god I’m not that person anymore. I’m stuck with so many regrets, but still - I have a whole life upon me. 

And if I don’t want to die with a burden of a million regrets, I better start living right now.

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I feel like I’m just waiting for my life to actually begin… or maybe I’m just tired of not going to school/having a job. 

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I don’t believe anyone truly loves me for what I am but my mother and I’m her only child so she kinda has to love me. 

And I don’t even love myself.

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too many people care too much about their presence in public, don’t give a fuck. fuck everyone be yourself okay

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